Luzmila Abadía Carranza

Independent Senior National Sales Director
Luzmila Abadía Carranza
Katy, Texas



“La Vida Sigue Igual”

Began, April 1991; Independent Sales Director, September 1993; Independent National Sales Director, June, 2013; Monthly Go Give® Award, July 2010

Motivated by:
The Golden Rule and bringing a positive message to women
My best asset:
Favorite vacation spot:
New York, New York

“It’s not only important to know what you’re selling, but also to know who you’re selling to.”

Born to Teach. When introduced to the Mary Kay opportunity, Independent National Sales Director Luzmila Abadía Carranza was automatically attracted to the products and the financial potential. Teaching others to build a successful Mary Kay business, however, was the one aspect of the opportunity that excited her the most. “I was a teacher for 22 years prior to starting my Mary Kay business and I have a strong passion for teaching,” she shares.

And her teaching ability has been the key to her success. Luzmila says, “I memorized the marketing plan and studied the products and the different skin types. It’s not only important to know what you’re selling, but also to know who you’re selling to.” Once she became acquainted with her clients and their needs, her business grew and she earned the use of her first Mary Kay career car. There was one small problem – she didn’t know how to drive.

“I took driving lessons and was able to overcome my fear of driving, as well as of heights.” She explains, “I would tremble every time I would cross over the Verrazano Bridge from Staten Island to New York City.” Her Mary Kay business gave her the strength and the confidence to overcome those challenges and today she is proud to say that she has traveled more than a million miles, over countless bridges, all in Mary Kay career cars!

Luzmila continues to be captivated by the enthusiasm of Independent Executive National Sales Director Sonia Paez. She says, “Sonia inspires me to be persistent.” And, as Sonia does for her, Luzmila follows the Golden Rule and mentors the women of her Area in an effort to change their lives for the better.