Sherry Alexander

Independent National Sales Director
Sherry Alexander
Miami, Florida


Bank account representative

“These Are the Women We Come From”

Began, March 1989; Independent Sales Director, April 1990; Independent National Sales Director, April 2003

Motivated by:
My best asset:
My work ethic
Favorite vacation spot:
The beach

“My Mary Kay business was the first place
where I felt all my efforts actually paid off.”

The Energizer Bunny. Independent National Sales Director Sherry Alexander is a woman on the move. She started her Mary Kay business within a week of attending her first skin care class and never stopped setting — or achieving — her goals. Like the Energizer Bunny, she moved along with remarkable drive until she reached the top as a National Sales Director.

“I came from hard-working parents who gave me a strong work ethic, but a lot of my inner drive is innate, as well. I graduated from high school as a junior and achieved a 4.0 grade point average in college. I have had several careers, but my Mary Kay business was the first place where I felt all my efforts actually paid off. It is a great fit for me. I love the opportunity to be a leader.”

So what does this super-achiever do to relax? “Our family loves to exercise, walk and play with the dogs and cook together,” says Sherry. Her family of husband, Chris, daughter, Whitney, and son, Christopher, includes an “extended family” of one Italian greyhound named Olivia, an English springer spaniel named Hunter, two cats, one bird and a newt. “Our animals are part of our family — we’d love to have even more!”

Another one of Sherry’s loves is changing women’s lives for the better. “The Mary Kay opportunity gives women the choice to plan their business schedules around their family’s schedules. The commissions are truly incredible and provide women with new lifestyle opportunities for their children, husband, parents or wherever they would like to provide financial assistance. Plus, there’s a lot less stress when there is money in the house! A woman’s Mary Kay business can bring a whole new lifestyle and a whole new attitude into her home.”